nokia 3310

Now every tech sites and Blogs top talks about Nokia 3310 return. Now the rating of the News shows how much the world still loves this handset.This week’s rumours were spreading about Nokia 3310. The entire world wants to know what are the specs of this relaunched Nokia model.

            Why everyone wants to know so badly about this model? there is only one answer that is they all had used this Phone. And everyone loved it because of its model and Battery life and design durability etc. The most advantage of this phone is its durability even if it drops from a twocharge may last even weeks. We didn’t need any Power Bank or worry about running out of charge anymore. All these things make the Phone perfect than any other. If the rumours are true then we can expect the Phone soon. There is a Video also out from Concept creator.

This Video Makes the News true. In this Video, some additional feature also saying like 8 GB internal memory and more.But there is no information about when it’s coming and how much its cost will be.Rumour says it will be shown to Public at MWC 2017.

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photo by Asim Bijarni

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