Wireless Charging Room

what you think when you hear about wireless charging? a device like a pad we can charge if we place our phone on it right? but those are not the things we wanted right? we need something like when we standing at a public place or even when we are in our home our phone and electronic devices need to charge automatically. That’s what all we wanted right? then we all are lucky that device coming soon.  Disney develops a room that can be able to charge any device wireless. Means if we are in that room we can charge our phone and all electronic things we have automatically without the help of any cable or any plug.

Wireless charging always a thing that attracts people. It always a trend a lot of wireless charging devices are out there but still the technology is not perfect. All seems like uncompleted techs. Main reason these technology not selling much because of its limits. Till now a good  wireless charger is not there.   Even if its out there it never beat the cable charger. Plug charging always fast and because of that people always prefer it. But like time changes everything this also will be changed and  the Disney invented the  new wireless tech maybe the future success.

The device is whole room. The researchers built a whole room to show the technology. Now they only created a prototype. Full room is made of Aluminium panels. And middle of the room a copper pool is fixed from this copper pool current comes and allow the current to loop around the room. This will charge all devices. you can see the video below. more about this tech still didn’t revealed but hope soon it will be available to public. 

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