Why you should update your Android

The smartphone war is going on All phone companies launching new models daily. People are getting confused to choose which model is better. So as the demand increases new updates always coming.
Android also same now the latest Android 8.0 launched. Soon the latest Smartphones will be powered by the latest Android Oreo. But is it good to stick with your old Android version? Recently my friend asked me this question then I thought about writing a post why we should update our Android ?.
Even though the Android frequently updates most people still using the oldest version of the Android. And many devices are capable of updating to a higher version but still, people are not willing to do it. My opinion is you should update your Android to the latest version. The reasons are I will tell you in this post.
So far many versions of Android came they gave all their Android versions sweets name. From Cupcake now reached till Oreo ( Cupcake, Donut,  Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Icecream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmellow, Nougat, and now the latest Oreo) All are major updates. When a new update comes it obviously stops the older ones supports. Hence the later threats and issues user alone have to suffer that’s the major issue of older versions and that’s why you should always update your Android.


One major issue is security Like I said when a new Android version comes everyone will stop the support of older versions. So the older versions will be vulnerable to security threats and those who use such old handsets (I mean oldest one) will lose their Data and valuable Information likes this. if the shouldn’t update their Android they will definitely face these security issues.

Apps Compatibility

Next issue we face compatibility issues with Apps. like Android OS the Apps also Updates frequently maybe more than Android update Apps update will come. If we use an older Android version this compatibility issue will also arise. The major Apps like Whatsapp and Facebook like many most used Apps won’t support the older versions of Android. Recently Whatsapp had stopped their support for Gingerbread and older versions of Android. You can read more about it below

Storage Issues

why you should update your Android
Another issue most face is storage issues. Can see many users asking about fixing their insufficient storage issue. The main reason behind this is most Apps now occupy lots of spaces. Latest Apps require more space to run. But the oldest versions only require less internal to run Apps so now you got why it shows insufficient storage problems while trying to install Apps. Although you can do some small fixes to solve this issue like only installing necessary Apps also can increase the internal memory of Android using some methods.
So far we discussed some major problems we face due to using older versions of Android. Many other problems also there like Battery Draining soon and Force stopping problems etc. Now let me clear a common doubt now most people have now what I meant the Older version of Android is not the All older versions. Now I can say Gingerbread and its old versions certainly shouldn’t use unless if you only use it for calling and offline use( Gaming, texting etc).
Ok, so far saw issues now let’s look some solutions.

Checking Your Android Version

Many of us know how to check the Android versions. For those who don’t know go to Settings.
Then from settings options go to About and from that, you can see the Android version.( for most models the About field is in the top most).

OTA Update

Update Android
There will be an OTA ( Over The Air) update in Every Android phone. through this, we can update our Android. Many companies provide Android updates frequently via OTA some Handset models can also update to higher Android version via this Update to check the OTA update go to the Settings then About then there will be an option of System Update. Check that option to Update your Android.


So we discussed the importance an Android to be updated frequently. Most Company supports their Android phone Up to 1 Year maybe more so if your Handset doesn’t have an OTA update and its Android version also old then it’s time for to purchase another latest Handset. My suggestion is to change your Handset with-in 3 years. By that time it’s Update and supports will be over.
If you have any doubts or suggestions feel free to use the comment field.
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