Whatsapp Group Admins could be sent to Jail For offensive and Fake News Messages

According to a new Law of India, the Admins of Whatsapp Group could be sent to Jail For Members spreading false news and offensive contents in the Group. Now daily we getting hundreds of fake messages in both Facebook and Whatsapp people creating fake contents to mislead other members of the group and reading this kind of message the others also get worried and forward to another group this will continue spreading the fake content around the country.
Now the Admins of the Group are responsible for these kinds of messages spreading around the Group and finally blame always come to admin and they are responsible for it.Now the admins need to ensure the contents of Group like News and offensive contents. When Group member forwards a message or news it’s now admins job to ensure it is true or not.
  If admin saw a fake news then he/she needs to warn the member and if it’s not working then admin need to remove that person who spread fake news.The message contains morphed and fake photos and fake news are now pouring in the social network to stop this the Joint order issued by District Magistrate of Varanasi Yogeshwar Ram Mishra, and SP of Police and the Law saying that it should be taken under the Cyber Crime Law. They said that “There are several Groups in Social media which are Named as News Group and Groups with other Names which used to spread news that are Not Authentic All these happen forwarded without cross checking” 
When these kind of News spreads in the Group admins should take reponsibility and take further action unless the admin will be need to face the Law for these.Relegious messages that hurt other people also are must not allow in the Groups.

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