The Whatsapp Business and Payment Services are here

Whatsapp rolling out lots of new updates past few months. recently they released new Business version of WhatsApp which is an advantage to the Business owners to chat with their customers and the latest update is Whatsapp Payment Service. This post is about these two features.

Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business
Apart from the normal WhatsApp version, the Business version is completely a different App. You can download Whatsapp Business from Play store or App store. While I was testing the only problem I faced is that you can’t use the WhatsApp business feature using your current WhatsApp number.
You need to use a different number for your business App. If you use your current WhatsApp number for your business then you can change the normal WhatsApp to business.
Apart from the normal version Business version allow us to add a business name, Description about the business and Website links etc.
The logo also different from the traditional logo instead of the Phone symbol Business version has different “B” logo.
The Business owners can use it to chat with customers and send broadcasts messages and even can set auto replay and FAQ sections using WhatsApp for business.
Google already has a platform called Google My Business which is available in the search result and customers can posts a review of the business. It’s not clear that WhatsApp business will compete with googles my business or not.

Whatsapp Payment Service

Whatsapp Payment Service
With the help or UPI ( Unified Payment Interface ), Whatsapp started Payment services. Now you can send money to your WhatsApp friends easily. The new features are only available to beta users and they can invite others to enable the service.
soon the service will be available to all the users.
First, go to Settings there you can see the Payment setup menu. Whatsapp will send a verification SMS to confirm the number that registered with the bank.
If your WhatsApp number is registered with the bank only you can activate this service. Once the SMS verification complete you can see the Bank Accounts that linked to the number.
Select the bank which you want to add to your Whatsapp Account.
After you will get an additional term of service which you need to accept to enable the service.
Sending Money
Sending Money
To send money both people need to activate the payment service. You can use the attachment sharing option ( Image, Video etc) where you can see the payments.
You can even send money in Group Chats you need to select the person that you wants to send the money to do it.
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