What Will Happen to your Jio Sim if Your Not Become a Prime member

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Jio’s Free deadline is fixed to March 31st.After that, there is no free data or calling and of course no free SMS service too without becoming a Jio Prime member.You can become a Jio Prime member by paying 99 Rupees and your service will be activated for another year.After becoming Jio Prime member then you need to do offers for data like any other Networks.But the service’s are very cheap for all Jio Prime members compare to other.So let’s see what happens if you don’t become a Jio prime member.
So the first thing is going to happen is that you can’t able to become a Prime member.Ambani calls the Prime members as the Jio’s Ambassadors so if you don’t recharge 99₹ you will loose your Prime membership.Now all Smartphone’s that uses Jio sim is getting Prime member notifications.This is to remind you that the Free services are going to over and change to Prime soon.
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If you don’t become a Prime member then after March 31st you can only able to Receive Calls and SMS.After that also not over if you don’t recharge for the next 90 Days your Sim will disconnect.

Also after you become a Prime member if you didn’t Recharge after 31st March your Service may be Halt till you Recharge it.The incoming Call and SMS will work in this case also.This means that you still need to recharge your Normal offer after doing Prime membership also.

You still can Enjoy all services without becoming a Prime member by doing Recharges.The problem is that price will be too much higher compared to those have the Prime membership.These plans can able to know after 31st March.
If you do your Prime membership recharge for 99₹ then you can enjoy all services for approximately 10 Rupees per day.So why are you still waiting for your Clock is ticking time to become a Prime member go and do it.

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