What is Rooting ? and How to root any Android Phone in one click

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You probably heard about Rooting right? and you may wander always what is it?  Well, this post is for you here let’s see What is rooting and How to root any Android Phone simply? 

You are here because you want to know what is rooting? And what are the benefits of a rooted phone over a non-rooted one?

And also you wanted to know what are the disadvantages of rooting(there are none actually if you did it rightly ), and finally how to root an Android device without any mistake?

Firstly let’s see what is rooting, it is a process of modifying the operating system, meaning it is unlocking an ability to grant complete control over it. That means you can do more with rooted  Android.

The word Rooting came from Linux OS, Actually Android is a version of Linux,  In windows rooting known as Administrator right.

In windows when we try to install some Softwares it asks for Administrator Permission. Well, let’s say that is the same in case of Android rooting.

If you rooted your phone it will give many advantages, some of them are:

  1. Full control of Android 
  2. Increasing internal storage
  3. Updating to another Os (Known as Custom Rom)
  4. Backup all Software
  5. And much more


Most of the user-facing problems like software issues will end up with rooting. Most of them don’t know that and even if they know still afraid of rooting. That’s because they think rooting will damage their phone.

Actually, if you root the phone carefully without any mistake it won’t give you any difficulty.It only gives you advantages.

If you decided to root your phone first do some search and see how others did it. And what are the problems they face while they did? And how they overcome it.
One other problem users are afraid to root their phone is rooting void the warranty of the device. Of course, it is true but like rooting you can also able to unroot the phone simply.
And can regain your warranty. For those who are  Satisfied with the phone without root fine, they can stay the same. But it’s called buying own thing and using it as someone else’s.

                      Lastly How to root an Android phone Easily. If you have a faster net then there are many apps provides the ability to root the phone in a single click.

Many Apps are available but my opinion is to use Kingroot app to root the phone. Because this App I used in many phones and most of the device can able to root with Kingroot.So try to root the phone using Kingroot first. Remember to root the phone using Kingroot you need a faster network connectivity on your phone. If it fails to root first time try it again if then also fails to search it on the net using your phone’s model how to root it.

Update: Some of the Payment and Banking Apps won’t work if rooted. Still, you can use those Apps using many ways like temporary unrooting the Phone when using those Apps, you can flash Magisk for it.

If you have any doubts about rooting you can comment and I will try to solve your issue,

Good Luck…

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