What is a ransomware ? and How to Prevent your PC From these Attacks ? Read Experts opinion


Past weeks everyone was worried about one thing ransomware attacks. wanna cry ransomware affected around the world and everyone troubled and worried about it. In this post, we are interviewing an Expert in Computer Science and Ethical Hacking who will give you a good view about ransomware and how to prevent from its attack.Let’s start:

The past weekend thousands of Computers breached by this ransomware and said to be one of the biggest ransomware attacks in history.If the Computer was affected by the ransomware called WannaCry it will just give a message (warning message) saying that your computer is affected by WannaCry ransomware and all your files are encrypted. If we want to regain all these files again then we need to pay the ransom that’s why it called the ransomware.In this WannaCry case, they first ask you 300$ worth Bitcoin  (which is an online money that can’t be traced) and if we pay the money they will give the encryption code and we can regain all the files.If we didn’t pay the next week it will become 600$ and later it will destroy our files.

ransomware affected

Till now it reported that only Windows PC only affected by the WannaCry ransomware still some other OS are also affected (not yet reported officially).The reason behind these attack is that there was some vulnerability in Windows OS and the American secret agencies were knowledgeable about it but they didn’t disclose to the Manufactures. Recently the Wikileaks leaked all secrets of these agencies publically and this vulnerability was one of them and the group of Hackers known as Shadow Brokers leaked all these Vulnerabilities and they created WannaCry ransomware.wanna cry shut down several organisations including Hospitals, Offices etc.


Prevention Methods We can take:

The only way against these attacks is to prevent it before it happens.All the windows OS recently provided the update to prevent this attacks.It says that most of the attacked devices are outdated PCs that didn’t update.So the most important thing we need to do is to update the old OS to the new version.
Microsoft again started to working the stopped OS (XP, Windows 7) and they provided a patch for all Operating Systems. I recommend you to update your PC to new Windows 10 or if still, you want to continue in your older OS download the patches the Company Provided or turn on the Auto-update it will automatically install these patches. To download these patches you can go to Microsoft’s official site and Download and install these patches. click here to download the update patches.
other tips you can take:
  • Do not open any mail you don’t know the sender. It may contain malicious Softwares
  • Turn the automatic update in windows
  • Take a backup of your files regularly Every os has its own backup software use that.

If your PC got affected with ransomware there is no option to recover your files unless you pay them.If your files are imported I say you to pay and recover it no other way. others do as this post says and be safe..! if you have more knowledge about it or any doubts use the comment field.

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