The Classic Nokia Model 3310 is Coming Back

Did you all remember our old Phone? There wasn’t any wifi or Bluetooth back then.No camera phones and People didn’t even know about the selfie.Taking pics was only during functions that too with the help of a Camera man.But still, Phones were ruled that time. Yes, those big bulky Nokia Phones.Nokia was a King that time with several models. And users always prefer to buy Nokia Phones only. They can’t even think any other model in the place of Our beloved Nokia. But later all changed and Nokia becomes a failure.But Now they are back with more power .and our Nostalgic feelings are back.But what if I say not only they Launching Smartphones. What if we get that old phone we had always with us? isn’t that be an awesome thing?

                           I still remember my first Nokia Phone it was a Nokia1100. Those times I still remember even from 2nd floor my phone had fallen yet no problem was there just a scratch.Back then we all were like this less care about the phone. Because we know that nothing will happen to it that much stronger our Mobile.Now almost all Smartphone will die if fell from our hand.Always The touch screen break happens. After technology evolved soo much we still can’t be like our old phones.Of course, it wasn’t A Smartphone and today’s feature all were not in it.But it was strong like a stone.

                      Like I said if we get our old phone again to buy what all we do? We definitely will buy right? There is a rumour around that Nokia is re-launching the Nokia 3310. And many says that it will be Introduce at the MWC 2017.The report says that the cost will be around 4000. and it will be the best feature phone in that rate.This Phone was the most used Phone back then.It’s strong and very easy to use.But features are still same you can only use to call and send SMS in it.All the Fans are so eagerly to waiting for this Phone to launch at the MWC 2017.


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