Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Expensive Phone?

The number of Smartphones Launching daily are countless, when we wanted to buy one the options are plenty all users are in confusion which model to buy and how to choose it? Out of all these specs, one major part is the Price. The first factor we check when we are about to buy a smartphone (anything actually) is our budget when it comes to smartphones there are too many expensive ones out there like flagships top branded models etc, Do we really need an expensive phone? 

Offcource the expensive phones provide more specs and last longer but do we really need it? well, let’s discuss that in this article and let me point out some facts about it and my views your opinion about this is appreciated please use the comment box to express your feelings about this and I will answer Every comment you post, without further ado lets deep into it;

Firstly let’s see the Indian Market which brand phones are selling mostly, According to IDC the top 5 brands that sold phones in 2018 Q1 is showing below;

Smartphone Selling Graph

As you can see the top five shares of 2018 are belong to the companies that sold under 20k phone models. This proves that people like to buy these price range phones.

It doesn’t prove the facts that people don’t need expensive phones, I will show you that facts;

Change In Technology

If you just take the last two years alone changes we can see many updates, Dual Cameras introduced, More powerful Processors introduced, and new face unlock features introduced. From this, you can see the difference. If u had bought an expensive phone before this timeline by this time it would have been a waste of money, That’s the main problem with buying an expensive phone (unless of course if you are rich go ahead) when we realise the phone we bought it spending thousands are just outdated the next year (now just a few months ) at last we are forced to adjust the expensive outdated phone.


Lack of Updates

Another one of the major issue with buying an expensive phone is lack of updates after they make a new model slowly they will stop the updates and support for the older models, this happens with all company phones whether it’s Android or iPhone.

Slow Issues

Due to the new Apps updates on older Hardware models slowing issue is common, additionally, companies purposely slow down the devices to buy their latest devices.

So not everyone buying high-cost smartphones but still some are buying if you have enough wealth that can use to change the smartphones yearly then go on. But if your buying costlier one for a long time then that’s only waste of money. Check my Smartphone Buying tips to learn more about buying one. 

So I just said my views, what you think about it? should you buy a flagship or costlier Smartphone or the most used less costly ones? 

Pro tip: Buy one according to your budget whether your buying from Amazon or Flipkart there is an option to sort according to your budget; Select the one which you like and see its reviews and then only buy it.


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