SSD vs HDD Which one is better?

SSD or HDD which is better?

When you decide to buy an External or Internal Hard Disc you will see two names HDD and SSD. When you check the difference between these two you can find that SSD is expensive than HDD and finally you will buy the HDD. Do you ever wonder what’s the difference between these two? If you are then you can get a good idea from this post.

Recently I decided to buy an External Hard Disc I knew that there are two types of them Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disc Drive ( HDD), I also knew about some of its differences then I thought not many people realize about it so writing a post about it would be good.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD)
1 Moving Parts No Moving Parts
2 Cheaper than SSD Costlier than HDD
3 Vibration Silent ( No Moving Parts)
4 Little slow compared to SSD Speed is more than HDD
5 Less Durable More Durable
6 More Power Conception Less Power Conception


As you can see I made a table with the most common differences. Let’s dive into more details ;

A Hard Disk is what we see on a normal PC or Laptop that has moving parts inside them it uses magnetic recording technology to store data.

The Hard Disk has mainly a rotating Disk ( or Disks) called Platters that connected with Magnetic heads via an Actuator Arm which use to read and write data in the Disk.

The Hard Disc is the secondary storage device for all our PC’s and Laptops and even Servers use the HDD.

We all know that Hard Disc is durable it will stay in our systems for years without any problems and now most of the Hard Disc Drives are cheap. It’s a non-volatile memory which means you won’t lose your data when power is gone.

It makes small noise due to the mechanical parts in it, and due to the mechanism, the chances of it’s to become damage is high. But from my personal experience, it doesn’t have that much durability issues I have HDD which older than 10 years and it still works.

Another thing is power conception we can clearly say that big HDDs that use on Desktop systems consume lots of power as well as the tiny ones that we use on our Laptops.

The annoying things about HDDs are it’s noise if it’s old then usually the motor sound becomes loud and annoying but if you are a long user then the sound must have part of the life. From the sound, we say it’s booting.

Like I mentioned in the Table the Solid State Drives are costlier than the HDDs. The set things about this guys are that they are silent and very less weight like a Paper.

Another thing I noticed after using SSDs is my Laptop last more time on Battery hence the advantages of less power consumption. It lasted one hour more than HDD.

One disadvantage I noticed that when I consume more processing power that is when I play a Game that requires more resources or a heavy work that takes more Graphics and Processing Power the SSD is heating like the Processor.

But it’s not that big issue, it’s because of the material inside is a Circuit Board which normally heat up when the load is high.

So far I think you got a clear idea about both things. Finally, my advice is to buy according to your requirements.

If you need it to store data that is very important and the cost is not an issue then buy SSD. Or if it’s simple requirements like for your laptop and only less amount to spend then you can go for HDD.

Now tell me what you think about both if you using any of this share your view here.

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