Rooting: How to Root your Android Phone?

Did you know that the Android Phone your using is capable of more with rooting? 

You maybe heard about Rooting from many places from friends and thought about what is it and by rooting what’s going to happen to your Phone? Is it good or will it damage my phone?

Rooting is the process of modifying your phone’s Operating System, By default, you can’t access your Phone’s all functions, rooting grants the complete control over your phone.

In simple terms you can do more things with your rooted phone than the normal one, Android Uses Linux Kernal so Rooting an Android Phone is similar to granting SuperUser Permission in Linux.

Rooting is similar to iPhone Jail Breaking but both are different, through rooting an Android you can access, manipulate, edit and delete the system files in Android.

so what’s the catch? Let’s see what are the problems happen to your phone if you root:

1. Void Warranty of your Phone

   If you root your phone that’s under warranty you may void the warranty of the device. Most Companies won’t agree with rooting your Phone. But like you root your phone you can also easily unroot it without any big hustle.

2. Vulnerability

After you root your phone it may be vulnerable to attacks. So you should check all the Apps thoroughly before installing ( you can use Apps from Playstore without any issues).

3. Chance of Bricking Phone

There is a slight chance you may brick your Phone, But if you do properly and flashed the right file for your phone you don’t have to worry about this. Even if you bricked your phone you can reflash the ROM and fix your Phone.


If you root your phone it will give many advantages, some of them are:

1. Full control of Android

2. Increasing internal storage

3. Updating to another Os (Known as Custom Rom)

4. Backup all Software

5. Overclocking and Changing Kernal

6. Access to use Apps that require root Permissions


Most of the user-facing problems like software issues will end up with rooting. Most of them don’t know that and even if they know still afraid of rooting. That’s because they think rooting may damage their phone.

Actually, if you root the phone carefully without any mistake it won’t give you any difficulty. It only gives you advantages.

If you decided to root your phone first do some search about your Phone model, and see how others did it. And what are the problems they face while they did? And how they overcome it.




                    Now let’s see How to root an Android phone Easily. If you have a faster net then there are many apps provides the ability to root the phone in a single click. It also is known as Systemless Root.

Many Apps are available but my opinion is to use Kingroot app to root the phone. Because I used this App in many phones and most of the device I could able to root with Kingroot.

You can use the Kingroot App to root Android models 2.0 to 5.0. 

So try to root the phone using Kingroot first. Remember to root the phone using Kingroot you need faster network connectivity on your phone. If it fails to root first time try again if then also fails to search on the net using your phone’s model how to root it.

Lot’s of Phones models now require ADB (Android Debug Bridge) require to Unlock the Bootloader and Root the Phone. 

Some of the Payment and Banking Apps won’t work if rooted. Still, you can use those Apps using many ways like temporary unrooting the Phone when using those Apps, you can flash Magisk for it.

Super Su

A rooted Android Phone is dangerous and vulnerable, so most rooted Phones use a root brokering Application such as Super Su to control the root access through this you can choose which application to grant root and which isn’t.  

You can use this XDA link to learn more about rooting your Phone. First, check this link and select your Phone model and learn how to root your Phone without any bugs and issues.

If you have any doubts about rooting you can comment and I will try to solve your issue,

Now comment: what are the issues you faced when you try to Root your Phone? and How did you overcome it?


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