Psychology & Technology


The games we play, the mobile phone we use to send text messages, the website where we do our online shopping show how technological based life we live. We definitely cannot dream our life without technology and so we have technology all around us to help live our life more easily hence in the 21st century it is an important part of our lives. While we are living in an era of impressive technological progress, we’re also living through an equally impressive era of psychological progress. And to a large extent psychology has been able to help technologists to design new devices.

Here is one example that would make you understand better of how psychology have helped to create something easy to operate and that is the rotary dial (old telephones) that were used in the 19th century in which the digits were arranged in a circular layout so that a finger wheel may be rotated with one finger to dial a phone number it used to take hours to connect to the other person and the force to dial the phone was indeed very painful to the fingers and that is why the telephone company had to enhance it from the rotary dial pad to the feather touch switch pad that made to call our loved ones with no pain.
Today psychology and technology have merged together to create something that would help people to use technology more effectively and it is very essential as humans look for more flexible gadgets or devices that would work according to them because in the end of the day what they really want is less work.

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