5 Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

Everyone uses lots of Apps, Apps that we need and don’t everything is in there in our Phone. Do you know that there are many Apps that pretty much cover what we want but we don’t use it because you don’t know about it?

Here I will introduce some amazing Apps that you can use to increase your productivity.



Pocket App

If you see an interesting Article or Video link while you are busy, we usually skip them. We usually leave it saying I will read it later but most time ends up forgetting about it. Well not any more using pocket you can save the links to read it later.

Advantages of pocket App is that you can save links offline, that means whenever you save a link it will download the content so that you can read it even without network connection.

Another advantage of this App is that we can access this on multi-platform so that you can save links in your phone and read it on your lap through web version and vice versa. Most time when I get a good link to read I use Pocket to save them like tutorials and things that I find good to read again, so you can also use the Pocket App to save your favourite links.



Evernote App

Evernote is another App which helps to increase your productivity. This basically helps to organise notes and other things, like Pocket you can access it on multi-platforms. There are many other features than simply taking note you can take voice notes and add images start project works etc.. you can even collaborate work with your friends and other teams (Group). It also offers a chat option to chat between the persons that use the App.



Trello App

Who doesn’t like to organize their plans and projects? well, Trello does that work for you. You can create different types of Boards in Trello and add your tasks there, and change according to your wish, for example, you can create boards like “Tasks Need to Complete” and “Completed Task”  etc. It will definitely organize your plans and projects Trello is one of the best App you should use to increase your productivity as well as for your personal plans. Trello also have multiple platforms compatibility which you can sync with your Desktop App and Phone, Like Evernote Trello also have Free and Paid Plans. For a normal user, the Free plan is enough. Lot’s of IT Companies use Trello as their Work Scheduling App. 



Grammarly App

Everybody writes with Grammatical errors especially me. So Grammarly is another wonderful App that helps you to correct your Grammer mistakes. It’s not like autocorrect in your default keyboard that only good to correct spelling mistakes, but Grammarly helps to correct your Grammatical Errors.

Grammarly Keyboards are available for phone also you can install Browser extensions for your PC/Lap.


Google Keep

Google Keep

Google keep is a simple Note taking App which is good for day to day life. It’s another App that helps to take your Grocery lists, To DO Lists etc.. You can create the checkbox lists which after you have done or bought the item you can Tick it. You can also create big Articles including Images using Google Keep.

These are the 5 Apps that which helps you personally and also helps you to increase your productivity. Some of the Apps you may already be using and some are new. Try using all the Apps and tell me how you think about these Apps.

Which App you are going to try first?

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