Multi Camera Scandal: Quantity Over Quality

It started with one then it became two, Front and Back then Latest Trend came Dual on Back and it started the hype about quantity over quality, I am talking about the Multi-Camera hype that going on now, The number of cameras means more quality? 

A few years back Smartphone Camera wasn’t even there when comparing a quality image, The digital cameras were the king there ( still is or is it?) now the Smartphone camera started to compete with DSLR Cameras quality is becoming higher by year and then dual cameras introduced.

The main reason behind a Dual Lens is to simulate the binocular vision, but the people took it as wrong they thought the two cameras are better than one; of course, its better if one is on rear and one is in front. We can use it one to take selfies and video calls and the other for normal pics. But instead, we got dual cameras on the back and the hype went rogue two become three and some Smartphones introduced dual cameras on front and back.

Now they hype went rogue and the Mobile Companies made people believes that the more cameras you got the more clarity you have Quantity over quality. Now let’s check the facts adding more cameras really improve the clarity?


Advantages of Multi-Camera

You should know that dual(or more) cameras have different jobs, One is to take the Picture and others will be used to select the depth of the picture or zoom effect (Bokeh Effect). One confusion is there is that the Dual Camera Phones gives DSLR  Quality Images, it’s not true because of many things I agree that our Smartphone Camera clarity improved over these years but still, it uses plastic lenses and smaller sensors in the case of DSLR it uses glass lenses and bigger Sensors which gives more clear and better quality, But our Technology is advancing very fast so it’s not far to invent similar or more sensor that can use in the Smartphones.

Bokeh Effect

If your spending Money for a Dual Camera Phone then it’s mainly for a Bokeh Effect, Bokeh Effect is in a small word it’s used to blur the Background of a Picture that we took, with the help of AI one camera selects the picture we want to capture and the other one blurs the background or what we select. But sadly some Smartphones with Dual Camera are not providing this option this rices my question do we really need a Dual Camera?

One of the best Camera for a Smartphone available in the market is Pixel 3 Xl which doesn’t have a dual camera and still takes better photos than the phones with dual cameras. Maybe they also start with dual cameras in their next editions; 

Technology is so advanced and yet we are still increasing the number of the camera for a better picture? Seriously, we need better lenses and make the real estate small, not big and bulky. Anyway, this is my opinion about this Multi-Camera Scandal what you guys think about it? You like Dual Camera phones or the single one let me know in the comment session


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