Lemonade From Lemon

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“Why does this only happen to me, why life gives me lemons, it’s not fair”. This is often said by grownups who keep on saying “life is very complicated and hard to live”. The key to a happy life is always to us that we overlook as we grow older and older and that key is to be with yourself. Love yourself, know that you are special and the best, give time for yourself, have self-talk, and the most important thing is to always be yourself because at the end of the day all you will have is you and there isn’t going to be a good night sleep if you don’t treat yourself well in your tough time. 

If we observe, when children fight with their friends they say that they won’t be talking to each other anymore, what we see the next day is those children get back together as friends playing with each other having no anger, no hatred for each other, and all this tricks us as if nothing happened the previous day at all. The reason why children do not have hatred over others is that they possess of a weapon called innocence. Innocence is what people really don’t remember having it. It’s a priceless gift all you have to do is nurture it.

Life is not at all complicated, life is precious, it is beautiful, the one who makes life complicated is us we take so much time in cursing that we fail to remember that we have so much to be happy about and ‘so much’ here means ‘your breathing lungs’. People all around the world have some kind of miserable moments, for example, losing loved ones, not being fit in society, loss of job, haunting past, broken family etc. and hence we try to receive help from counselors, not that it doesn’t help but just envision how would you feel when you sort out your problems yourself? If you really want to, then you can really solve it, all you have to do is to take a stand for yourself, love yourself, say you are strong and move on in your life.

All the ingredients you would need to make one happy life are: life is too short so you shouldn’t waste a minute of it, do what you like, say what you like, be what you wish, be positive, be full of life, there is nothing you can’t do, hug yourself, take a deep breath inhale satisfaction exhale worries, don’t have any regrets, what is meant to happen it will happen, confront your fear, think out of the box, always have positive attitude towards life and the most important thing is now when life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it. Love life and life will love you back. Life is beautiful so enjoy it.

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