Jio Phone 2 Launched for Rs 2999: With Monsoon Offer Rs 501

Jio always amazes us with best offers and Phones. Jio announced Jio Phone 2 at their Annual General Meeting (AGM). Jio Phone 2 has lots of different specs compared to its predecessor.


  • RAM 512MB
  • Front Camera 0.3 MP
  • Rear Camera 2MP
  • KAI OS
  • 4GB Internal (can be expanded up to 128 GB )
  • 2000 mAh Battery
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube Apps

Unlike the First Jio Phone, this phone comes with QWERTY Keypad and all other features are almost the same as the first Jio Phone.

The Phone Priced 2999 RS which is little high for a feature phone. The phone has a QWERTY Blackberry Model look.

Jio 501 RS Offer

You can exchange your Jio Phone with Jio Phone 2 using Monsoon Hungama Offer. You only have to pay 501 RS if you exchange it. But here also you will be paying 2001 (1500 Jio Phone and additional 501 )

Jio Phone will start selling from August 15. Mukesh Ambani said currently 500 Million Indians still uses Feature Phones without the Internet. “The Door of Digital life are closed to them because of the problem of affordability,” he said this lead to him to build the Jio phone One.

The first Phone was effectively free users can give it back after one year of use and they will still get the full amount. Currently, 25 Million Users using Jio Phone One, and with additional features, the Jio Phone 2 expected to reach more people.



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