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In this online world, we all are connected. Means, every time we are texting or even while you are reading this post I am sure you are getting lots of notifications and you are replying to it. So one of the most social networking apps we use regularly is Whats App (24*7 in my case). So when we use Whats App do we ever think about how secure it is? Can anyone see my messages? If they see, how it will be guys think, all our chats being snooped by someone. OMG… we can’t even think about it.
I am writing this post to tell about Whats App security.
First of all let me tell you, there is no need to worry about its security, it’s safe and no one will see your messages unless someone knows the password of your phone. Otherwise, Whats App is secured and recently they have even introduced end to end encryption. Yup. You got your answer but don’t close it read it fully, it will be a new knowledge trust me (off course reply to those Whats App message you are getting while reading this). Ok, let’s continue I won’t put you sleep by saying lots of technical stuff I know it’s boring, just an info. End to end encryption means like it names the person who is sending the text and receiving the text (both end) are encrypted. And what is encryption if you ask it is a secure way to send and receive messages. Now a little more about encryption for example, when you send “hi” to someone (ofcourse you need to press that green send button to send) the message changes to a particular code for example h to 1 and i to 2, so even if anyone got the message they will get it as 12 and they won’t know the exact text message. Tadaa… the lesson on encryption is done.

whatsapp security

So the security by just going to anyone’s contact and press that encryption option. Yup, you reach the encryption page. If that person is nearby you then you can just verify the encryption using the QR code (that big black thingy ), and he or she can far below can see few codes (I know it’s more than few that much its encrypted) send it to that person and he can verify using your code. Well, I know you are not going to do any of this just see the code and be happy, yaaaai you got your personal security, so chat more guys that’s all. I am not going to make you bore by saying anything more.
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