How to Increase Internal Memory Of Android Device

Increase Internal Memory


Are you worrying about your Internal memory issue? You can’t able to install more Apps or update the current one because of this issue? You ever thought that your Phone’s Internal Memory can be Expanded? Then you’re in the right Place. Let’s learn How to Increase your Smartphone’s Internal Memory. 

Currently, the phones came up with more internal memory. But that also easily became full due to the new Apps and Games because they require more memory. so everyone is  facing the issue after they running out of internal memory,


So how to fix this issue? we can fix this issue simply. In this article, I will discuss how to increase the internal memory of your Android using External Memory Card.


                                            The main requirement to fix this issue is the phone must be rooted. if it’s rooted you can continue otherwise read this post how to root your android: check


 There are two methods to increase the internal memory both require an External SD card. one method is to change the whole external as internal and that’s little tricky and if anytime you need to remove the sd card there is a chance it will damage all the apps and games installed on it. The Second one is making a portion of your SD Card as part of your Internal.
The second method I am discussing here it’s called partitioning of sd card and using that space (taking some space from sd card and use it to store apps).




  •        Backup all the data from sd card safely and format it.
                 (after the procedure we  can add  all data back to SD)
  •       patience to do the procedure.

Step 1

Install the two apps above mentioned, And format the sd card (after taking backup), go to settings-storage then unmount sd card
Step 2
Open the Aparted App. Give root permission, go to settings and uncheck that will show some warning but don’t worry. if you do carefully  nothing will go wrong 
Step 3 
Come back to the create option and there you will see your external sd card size, first make sure how much of the space you wanted to take as internal and count it in MB because the app shows the space in MB, say you want to take 3GB as internal that is  3×1024=3072mb


see the total space of sd card and calculate the difference from the MB that you want (here my cell has total 16020 space so
 16020-3072=12948mb). this much only you can use as external since your going to use the rest as internal.
Step 4
click add and on the right space add the MB size of the rest  (here  16020)  make sure its fat 32.
Aparted App
file type
Step 5
Secondly, add the rest of the space (simply drag the space ) and choose the ext2, and press apply then you will see the option like below 
press ok then the process will start after it completed, you can see the option like this 

that’s all you are done with the Aparted App 




Step 6

Open the link2sd app grant root permission  suddenly it will pop up a screen like this
Select ext2 if it says can’t find . on the left side choose the Recreate Mount script option then this time select ext3 if that also fails select ext4 one of this three  will work and rebooting window will pop up
(if all three fails then go back and see where the mistake happened.)


Step 7
After rebooting enter the link2sd app and in the right side check storage info and you can see the sd card  second partition option there
storage info
Step 8
Go to settings and check the auto link option to install the apps to the second partition of the sd card.
Step 9
 To move already installed apps to sd select internal in the link2sd.
from the apps select you to want to move and press the link to sd card option check all the options that you can and press ok. done you can see the linking complete message.
Step 10
If you face any error or have any doubt comment and I will help as soon I see it. Good luck.


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