Facebook going to provide “express wifi ” in India

facebook wifi

Facebook going to provide  express wifi service in India,
according to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of facebook)
“There are a billion people in India who do not have access to the Internet yet and if you care about connecting everyone in the world,you can’t do that if there are  so many  people who don’t even have access  to basic connectivity “. 
The recent attempt of  the facebook was by providing free basics.
it was a service by giving free internet that is through this  users could browse few sites (News,health,travel, sports,etc) known as internet.org. But TRAI  stopped the service because  of violating net neutrality.

After this facebook  is coming with express wifi,It is  wifi service provided by facebook with three phases , facebook will provide the initial setups and services  (towers,routers etc), And the next is ISP(Internet  Service Provider)  will provide the connectivity,And local retailers and entrepreneurs in the area will sell the vouchers to access the wifi,

          Express wifi offers speed Internet with lesser cost and the main aim of the service is to give internet connectivity to the areas does not have Internet connectivity. Also aiming to give areas that have lesser 3G/2G connectivity,But they didn’t say where they will provide the service firstly.

           The advantages are many including the faster internet to the remote areas and giving a permanent earning to the local retailers and entrepreneurs.They also experimenting more features like laser drones for the service.

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  1. It is a good news but I hope people don't start misusing this oppurtunity. Excess of anything is as bad as thedeficiency and moderation the key. Hope people continue to use internet and facebook for right reasons only

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