Everything You Need to Know About Whatsapp’s New Update

Hey guys, What you think about  Whatsapp’s new update? Confused about it? Well, you are in the right place. Let’s talk about the new update here. Whatsapp recently coming up with a lot of new updates which is pretty good and awesome.Now the latest one is that can able to update the status completely different way. Which is a very good thing and confusing too 😉.

                                      The new status is many say that it’s a copy of Snapchat well that’s not our concern our thing is to look into the new update and learn how to use it. The new status update replaces the old text status. which was so attached thing to users that’s why most of them not accepting the new feature.About new update, it’s a feature that let you post your pics and videos as a status and it will stay there 24hours only. There are another few options comes along with it that are
1.change privacy option for status.
2. Self-destruct status. 

Like I said the status are self-destructed means after 24 hours it will vanish from your status. So that’s how it works unlike the older update in here you can put any media like video, Image. And there is editing option also there. You can write something about your image too. Another cool thing is that we can see who saw our status and those who can see the status can able to comment also (this comment goes like chat message and only those who sent and received can able to see).

The other option is that user can change their privacy option. Whatsapp added another privacy feature along with this new update.

In this feature, you can choose who to see your status updates. To do this you need to go toSettings-Account- Privacy- Status. There are 3 options total one is my contacts. If you activated this then all your WhatsApp contacts can able to see your updates. The other two are Include and exclude. In these, you can choose either which contacts can only see (Include). Or which contacts can’t  see (Exclude).

That’s all everything you need to know about the Latest update of the Whatsapp. There is also another way if you want to go back to your older text status. To do this download previous version of Whatsapp and you can use the older status. But the problem is that only those who use the same version can see this older status. So it is better to stick with the newer version and learn more from it. If you have any tips to share use the comment box below…

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