DMCA Badge The requirement of Every Website and Blog

With increasing passions for making money online, more and more people are moving towards making their own websites and blogs. The majority of them fall in love with Blogging, but there are some wicked people those who aim to become a millionaire in one night. Now in order to make good money, this group of people{the wicked internet users,} start copying content from other blogs and websites.
This does not only affects their blogs and websites but also this has a bad effect on the original content owner. The website from which they are copying the content can be ignored by search engines and this leads to decrease in the performance graph of that particular website or blog.
Now in order to fight this problem, the Governments of various countries have introduced different laws.One such law is DMCA{Digital Millennium Copyright Act} an act introduced by US government basically. Now in this post, we will talk How a DMCA badge at your website or blog can help you to protect your content and if your website or blog content is already stolen then How you can take it down:

Protecting your content with DMCA.COM offers tools and services that can be used to find copies of your online content{if there exists any}, a website detective which helps you to find who is copying your content, a DMCA badge which helps you to protect your content from the wicked internet users. offers both free and paid services. Otherwise there free services are enough for newbies and even full-time bloggers who are not much popular around the world but if you have a good reader base then the chances are great that your content can be copied and in that case, you should move to a pro version of their services.


Protecting website with a DMCA BADGE


Getting A DMCA Badge for your Blog or Website:-

You can get a DMCA badge for your blog or website just free of cost.One common mistake that users make while getting a DMCA badge for their website is they simply paste the code available at their site without registration which is actually wrong because your blog or website is not registered until you signup with them.


Now, this is actually wrong. You should first register at with your official website and Email and then only proceed. This step helps you to register a protection badge for your website and the thing is your website is also registered with them which is the right step you have to follow. Otherwise, if you simply add the code and paste it into your website you will face problems while taking down of your content from the theft’s website. So do follow this guide for the right procedure:







1} Visit


2} Click on go free option. You can also choose the go pro option as per your choice.


3} Fill the signup form.


4} Then choose the badge of your choice and add it to your website. You can choose any badge design and it does not matter at all.


5} Once you add the code to your website you will receive login credentials into your email account.


6} Note that in a free plan we do not get access to DIY take downs and also only one free take down is provided




Now your website is secured with a DMCA Badge and spammers will think twice before comping your content.




This post is written by Sahil Sharma – Also Known as Blog Surgeon. He is a blogger at: and he writes about online money making,startup ideas and strategy etc. 



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