How to access Cortana on Android

Who doesn’t like an AI personal assistant?


 Apple has an AI called Siri and for Android has Google’s AI.

 Microsoft has also one called Cortana well not only Microsoft now Cortana is available for Android.


Cortana logo

The Cortana is an Artificial  Intelligent response service like Apple Siri and Google now. Cortana was introduced by Microsoft for their Windows 10 Operating System.

Later they made it available for windows phone and more. Now the service came to Android.
In Android, it is an Application which helps us do many things via Voice command.

Now an Early access is only available that is for testing purpose. But from my use its more than that

Cortana response to my every command that I gave and replayed wonderfully. If she doesn’t know the meaning she will give the search result for it ( same like Google now).


How to Access Cortana for Android?

This is simple. like we search every Apps in play store search Cortana in there. Install it
There you go..!
You got your personal Assistant. Sign in with a Microsoft Account and enjoy the AI.
if you don’t have an Account you can simply create one with your Email ID or Mobile Number.


Like the Google Assistant, you can do many things with Cortana.
Android Cortana
Tapping the left dots option will let us know what are the things Cortana can do for us like Setting up reminders asking wether forecasts setting alarms etc..
Android cortana
There is also an option to use Cortana on your Lock screen which will work even if our Android locked.
Android Cortana
Swiping the left Corner can access more customisable options which we can use to customise Themes settings etc..
There is also an Option called Notebook which we can customise the results to display.
Microsoft built an awesome AI Cortana now all available for our Android. and how the world accept it lets see soon.

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