5 Things you need to check before buying a new SmartPhone

We living in an era of Technologies and Gadget. The Smartphone is the first one in it we can’t live without it. You are spending most of your life in this small box, as the user increases the number of smartphone companies also increased now daily dozens of new Smartphones launching. So when we want a new one usually we become confused. Which brand is good? what are its specs? how much it costs all these will be in our mind. Now let’s see some things you need to check before buying any smartphones. Always design and cost are the primary things you need to see first Let’ see what are the other things you should look into:-


The first thing you need to decide before buying a Smartphone is its OS. Now most used is Android and if you are an Android lover you can select that and another good OS is ios(apple). Its also a secured and widely used phone OS, and the third one is Windows. If you ask what are the difference to me I will say all have its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want more user-friendly and most used os then select Android. or looking for more security and long last then go for iPhone.Windows is not so popular in the world of mobile but it also has lots of user-friendly and unique features.
The next thing you need to see is its storage space. Almost every user has doubt about RAM and ROM.
RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory that needs to work on the phone features. The most hanging issue is related to this. If your phone has lesser RAM then when you use more apps in it then it won’t have much memory to process them so it will take time to process hence the lag or hanging issue comes.

Another thing is ROM usually, people get confused with this ROM or internal memory it is the phone’s memory that we use (used to store files and install apps). The most phone cannot store apps in external memory so if you are a user who uses lots of Apps then you should buy a phone that has more internal memory. Some phones(like Apple) may not support external memory. means you cannot increase the memory using the sd card. So if you are going to buy such phones make sure you have enough internal memory for your use.

Well, this is one of the things that everyone wants. and most of the user look this spec first. Everyone wants their phones Battery life to long more. Battery life is measured in mAH (milliampere-Hour). The more mAH your battery has more will be its efficiency. The battery will come in two types removable and non-removable.removable means the user can remove the battery non-removable we can’t simply change the battery(if any issue with the battery then needs professional help to change). Non-removable battery phones will be slim and weightless than removable.

Now Phones camera becomes serious spec in the smartphone world. The camera can be in the rear (back cam) and front. Camera specs measured using lens pixels (usually in megapixel).Also if it has flash then it will improve the pics quality.
Now connectivity also becomes a serious specification in the Smartphone world.It shows what connections support in the device like 4G,3G and 2G.according to users wish they can choose which connectivity they want on their phones.
That’s all with the 5 things you need before buying the smartphone. Now you know what are the specs and what for they are. Check your budget and the needs you need and search a good one in that budget. see the specs in net use sites like gsm arena to search and also read user review about the phones.

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