Beware your Smartphones are Under Surveillance,CIA maybe watching you

Smart Gadgets are everywhere we can’t live without it now. Smartphones and other Smart Devices are part of our life now.But what if it becomes a surveillance device to monitor us?.What if our Smartphones are hacking us without our knowledge?. Shocked? But it may be true Wikileaks published that CIA is dealing with hacking Smartphones and other Gadgets.
WikiLeaks described the Leak as one of the greatest one.WikiLeaks says that the CIA can hack Smartphone and other SmartDevices.Whether it is Android or ios they can hack the Device.WikiLeaks proved this by Leaking high-security files from inside the CIA facility.They named the Leak as Vault 7.
They saying that this agency can able to enter any Electronic Device even if it encrypted.Our Smartphones and other Gadgets are not safe now.Whatsapp and all Apps encryptions may be vulnerable to this.YearZero shows the hack and “zero-day ” problems in OS(Operating System) all the devices are vulnerable to hack.WikiLeaks saying that CIA can enter to any Operating System by finding the loopholes in it.
The CIA lost control of the major hacks including malware and viruses.Including weaponised Zero-day exploits aginst Wide base of Companies including the US and other Europian based.The reports consist of more than 8000 pages and WikiLeaks got it from US hackers.The CIA till now didn’t respond to the WikiLeaks report.Experts say that these reports are believable.
You can read the original report from WikiLeaks here.

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