Android Q Public Beta version is here

The Android Pie is just getting popular and the next Android version is here Android Q. The official Public Beta version of the Android Q (Android Q Beta 1) released for all Pixel devices. 

The latest Android Q version comes with lots of new features. Let’s see some of the already known updates and features:


The Android Q completely reinvented the notification feature like the Facebook chat head Bubble. You can reply to the notification messages from your home without entering the App. 


Privacy and permissions are the field where we needed more updates and guess what you got it. The Android Q helps to customise the App permissions with additional options like selecting the time for the permission.


For example, if you need to use the location permission for an App now you can select the option “Allow only while the App in Use”. 

Theme Option

The new Theming option allows customising the entire Phone including the notification bars. Since it’s on the beta version it most probably not available on the official update. 

Support for Foldable Phones

The foldable phones are coming sooner than you think major companies already started introducing their upcoming foldable phones.

The Android Q beta supports the foldable phone allows to multi-task in both fields.

One of the major disadvantages of foldable phones was the lack of proper software to support the compatibility, the Android Q might fix this issue.

Other than these major changes the Android Q Beta includes a Built-in Screen Recorder in the Phone that helps to record Android Screen with Audio.

The Beta version of Screen Recorder seems buggy hopefully they will fix the option with the next update.  

The sharing option for Android was always laggy and this news sharing shortcut option in the Android Q seems to fix this issue. 

Official Release


Android Q Beta 1 already available for all Pixel devices according to Google the next Beta version will release on April and the Official version will launch in the third Quarter of this Year.  

If you like to try the latest Android Q Beta 1 go to Android Beta Program Website and Sign up for the Beta program if your Device is eligible for the Beta Program you will receive the Android Q public Beta update on your Device.


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