How to access Blocked Torrent Sites using VPN

How to access Blocked Torrent Sites using VPN

Recently some networks stopped the Access to torrent sites. Everyone including me uses Torrent to download Movies and all because it’s speed and availability.

So if we can’t able to use it then how we able to use the Torrents?
Don’t worry!
We can enjoy the services without any trouble if you follow these methods. Yes, you are right!
This is a tutorial for how to access torrent networks.
Let’s start I am dividing this tutorial into two parts first for websites and other for the Mobile phones.
The method we are discussing is the use of VPN,

For Website use Tor Browser

 Its simple as that just download Tor Browser and you can able to Access the torrents and many blocked sites Tor automatically use the Vpn so you can Access these sites without any problem. To download Tor Browser use this Link.

For Mobile use Orbot

There are many Apps out there which uses Vpn but my favorite is Orbot

 Install this App and you can enjoy these services.
How to use:

First, install the App from the Play store (You can use the above link) after that select options.

There you can able to see Apps Vpn mode.

Vpn mode

Select this option then you can able to see the Apps that are installed on your Android device.


Select any App which you want to use Vpn then it Automatically  Starts the Tor and using that App ( Browser or any) you can able to visit blocked websites such as Torrent.


Web world also has a Dark side this Vpn will enable that side also so only enter the sites that you sure its safe to use.
Using this Vpn will slow down your Internet speed since it uses many proxy networks.
That’s it guys thank you for reading this tutorial don’t forget to comment your suggestions


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