5 Best Myths about Technology and its Truth

Technology evolving every minute, New Innovations are coming daily to blow our mind.

But like everything else, there are myths in technology also. We don’t know if is it true or not but still, we are believing like it’s the truth.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Technology. So I thought of clearing up some myths we all are believing.

5 Best Myths about Technology and its Truth

So let’s start:

1.  Only can take good Photos Using DSLR

This is the best myth that is spreading everywhere nowadays.
If you don’t have a DSLR Camera you can’t take good pics. Only with DSLR can take good pics
This is not right:
technology myth
See the above Photo. DSLR right? It’s not!
The photo was taken on iPhone 4. Using DSLR we can take good photos but “only can take the good photo using DSLR” is not always true.
A good photo depends on many factors such as light, Sensor, Experience of the person who takes the photo and much more. I am not an expert in Photography so I an not speaking more about it.
Still, You got the point right? So one myth is solved.

2. Overcharging Damages the Battery

This is the best technology myth ever.
We think that charging our Phone or  Laptop after it becomes full will damage the battery.
Many times we forget to unplug the charger after the charge becomes full. Most of the time it happens during night time.
We plug in and sleep next morning always we worried oh! This will damage the battery.
First of all, know that Overcharging doesn’t damage our Battery.
This is the 21st Century Technology is not the same as before. Thinking overcharging will damage or explode battery?
This is crazy:
There are many control systems both in the Device and Battery.
If you overcharge the Device it will prevent overcharging. If the battery need charge that time only these controls allow it to charge.
Other times it just prevents the overcharging. So no more worries of overcharging the Phone or Laptop. Plug it and sleep peacefully.

3. Third party Chargers will damage your Device

Third party charger
Another myth. will the third party chargers damage your device?
You don’t know the truth but we see everywhere saying that use only Chargers provided by the Company right?
Actually, it’s not true:
The reason to say only use original company charger is that its Voltage and Current ratings will be accurate for the device.
Using a third-party charger won’t damage the device. If you buy them looking at these two things.
Third party chargers will be cheaper than the original ones. If you can afford to buy the original one buy that otherwise, you can buy the third party ones comparing the Voltage and Current ratings.

4. Incognito Mode won’t track you

I know what you guys are thinking right now 😉
We use Incognito mode to search whatever we want thinking that nobody will track us.
It’s not true incognito mode only separate us from the Accounts we logged into that Browser.
Private browsing means only from our Accounts ( Gmail, Facebook etc).
Nothing is private nowadays especially when we use the Internet.
So if you use the Incognito to hide something you search then it’s useless. it won’t show anything in the History tab rest all tracking is the same.

5. More RAM means more speed

Image of RAM
My PC is becoming very slow need to buy High capacity RAM.
We all think like this right?
Actually, this is also not right. Speed depends on many factors RAM is only one of the factor.
Yes indeed:
Changing to a higher capacity RAM will increase the speed. Only if the Processor supports it.

Before buying a new RAM check whether your PC supports it or not. Otherwise, Otherwise, it will only become slow.


So far we discussed 5 technology myths and realised its truth.

This is not over yet, there are many more myths out there if you want to add something use the comment column.


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