5 Apps to Make You Study Faster and Prepare Well for Exam

It’s Exam time everyone busy for studying or trying to study right? The biggest problem we all face while studying is the distraction. Distraction with our TV and our Mobile Phone all are there.The Main distraction we face is from our Mobile Phone.Whenever we studying or trying to study (yo know what I mean 😉) Suddenly we will get notifications from Facebook or Whatsapp. Suddenly we look at it and then eventually we postpon the studies to another day. And the next day also the same story over and over again.At last, it will end up studying last day of the exam.

At last, we decide to switch off our distracting devices and start to study.But by that time it all will be late and we can only able to study little. we end up getting little marks or even we failed.So what is a way to escape from all these distractions? How about we turn the distraction into a study device.So in this post let’s see 10 Apps to Make You Study Faster.and I am sure this will make you Prepare well for Exam and Get High Marks.

1.Self Control

Self Control is an for Self-control. This Stops Notifications from any other Apps from the Phone For a Certain period of time that user gives.So No need to worry about any Facebook or other Social Media to let disturb you Install this App and Schedule your Study time with this App and Study without any disturbance.


Another wonderful App is Evernote.This App will let you Keep Your Notes records Images Videos Handwritings and Much More.There is a Premium version also there But for a student free version is enough.Using this App we can study and record our studies and take notes also can write hand notes.One of its advantages is that syncing between different platforms.This App is available for both Windows and Android. That means if you did a work in the android app you can also see it in your Windows PC.

3.Sleep If You Can

It’s another awesome App that replaces your Ordinary Alarm.This alarm first you need to set a place inside your Home or your Living place.And take the pic of an item, for example, Your Bathroom or Kitchen.We all have a tendency to stop the Alarm and sleep.If we set an Alarm using this without taking the pic of the place we had set early it will not stop the Alarm.So this Alarm surely wakes up you.

4.Oxford Dictionary

The one of the Main thing a student need is a Dictionary.Now no need to look your Heavy dictionary you can get it right on your mobile phone.Download Oxford Dictionary.


The last one is the most used App is Blackboard.This App you can access Timetable and Sources etc..This is also a needed App for Student who preparing the exam.
Not only these 5 Apps there are many Apps out there to help us study for the Exam.Try to find it and use it if it is good then comment here let others also know about it.

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