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World moving fast, and fast means faster and all our financial things are now online today.Sending Money and banking everything is online. And for that purpose, we have Apps now.For every bank they have, it’s own official banks now in between these Apps another App is there that’s Paytm. The difference is that without any charge we can almost do any banking procedures like sending money to other banks, recharge phones and pay bills and even online shoppings too.So this post is an App review about Paytm. How to use it and what are the things we can use with it etc etc.

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The usage of App is really simple and anyone who knows to use a social media app like WhatsApp and Facebook can simply use this app. And for my personal opinion, it’s the best platform far better than any other banking platform.

First of all, let’s start our Account in Paytm App like I said anyone who can use a WhatsApp account can start the account in Paytm.

After you started your Account in Paytm App for any purpose you need to add money from your bank to the Paytm wallet.

1.How to Add Money from Bank to Paytm wallet    

Open the App and click the “Add Money” field it will take to another box there add the Money you want to add the Apply. You will be taken into another field from that you can select any field (credit card, debit card etc) after your payment finished Money will come to your Paytm wallet. Actually, it’s not a necessary step whenever we use any other method to pay it will follow to the Add Money from bank field so no problem if you skip this part.        

2.How to Transfer Money to another Paytm Account 

Sending money from one App to another means one Paytm to another it is  so simple to use, for this follow the steps given below:

1.  Make sure you have enough money in your Paytm to send (or after you select the method it         will ask to add Money from Bank)

2.  It’s the first option in Paytm, Click Pay

3.  Then you have two options either add the Number of the Person whom you send the Money


4.  Or read the QR code of the recipient. To do this method both person’s need to be at the same      place

5.  For accepting payment via Qr code click Accept Payment option in recipients Paytm App

6.  It will show the Qr code

7.  You can also take the screenshot of your Qr code and send it to your friend
8.  For selecting Qr code from Gallery After the 2nd step select from Gallery option

3. Sending Money from Paytm to Bank

Another advantage is that you can send Money from Paytm wallet to any Bank account.Nowadays Bank taking charges for this purpose so if we use Paytm then there is no problem.To do this follow the below steps:

1)  Click the Passbook option

2)  You can see all your transaction details here

3)  Top side you can see Send money to bank option click it


4)  From the following options select Transfer Money to Bank

5)  It will ask the Bank details like Account number, IFSC etc

6)  after giving that press Proceed option

7)  That’s it your Money has sent to your Bank

For every Paytm transaction we use Bank it will go to bank’s site and OTP process all run in bank’s secure site so no need to worry about security.

So far we introduced the advantages of Paytm App let’s see what are the problems we face while using Paytm.

There are not many problems I faced while using this App. Few times my payment failed it may be due to the slow Internet. When our payment or any transaction fails sometimes money from our bank will go and it will take few days to refund to our bank. That’s the only problem so far I faced.

So other than this the over all the App is best for payment not only I mentioned above you can use it for many other purposes like shopping paying bills etc..

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