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Hi guys, It’s been a while since this Blog started its Journey. Firstly my wish was to make this blog as a platform that tells almost about everything.But later I wanted it to be in one Niche Technology.So from that till now, I wrote about Tech stuff and Tech News only. Now time to make some Changes. I decided to Start Gadget reviews.So from now on, you can see Gadget reviews on this blog.

                        But the Difference is that you can’t see review about newly Launching Gadgets. About newly Launching Gadgtes you can see almost every Tech blog and sites. But how we can review a newly arrived thing without using it for a while.Most bloggers use the new things for few days or even few weeks and write review about it.Which is good but they may can’t find about what are the problems it cause when it becomes little old.Most Gadgets will work nicely when it bought but after few months only we can see what are it’s advantage and disadvantages.So Mostly I will write about older Gadgets.My strategy is to review myself what I have and what I can get. And rest is Interviewing the people that is using for a while.

                By old Gadgets I mean not so old but atlist few months old. Because to ensure it work perfectly we need to check it for a while this testing we may can’t do if we try to test the first few weeks of it.Because the newer things always will be good rarely it shows the problems.So the readers can ensure that my reviews will be right and correct beacuse from relevent source and people only I am reviewing the things.You can start reading my reviews from this month onwards.Please do comment and let me know what you think about it.

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  1. it's good that you have started working on one single niche
    i liked your layout a lot
    talking about tech blogging, i am in search of partners for a new website,should you be interested, do let me know

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