10 Things to check before buying a Laptop

All knows how to buy a smartphone but when it come to a Laptop just going to retailer shop or online and buying one that apt for your budget.Not looking how it is and is this the one apt for us or not.Only a few people care about all these others just seeing the info or believing what retailer saying and buying.After buying these items we realising oh..i wanted more hard drive or this game is not working why? finally, we come to a situation in which need to buy additional items or even another laptop.

    All these I said for those who buying without knowing about it.Now you are here and you definitely know what type of and how to buy a quality and good stuff.I am not making you more bore let’s start.


Let’s start from the base.If you ask me what to look in displays yes there is a lot to see about the display.Displays are various in size it says in inches.like 12inch 14 inch etc.. you can choose a display according to your wish.Also, latest laptops come with touch screen display if you don’t know about this check.Now many companies providing touch screen displays.


One of the most important things you need to check is its memory.
memories are two types RAM and HDD(Hard Disc).According to users need this can vary we can select the quantity of this.A small description about both are RAM is the memory we use to work the software and all the things in it.So before you choose the RAM first think what are the Softwares and Games you install in this Lap and check all those things on the net and check how much memory it required to work and buy the lap more than that memory.Now almost all laps come with minimum 4GB RAM this is enough for normal use.But if you are a high-resolution Gamer or use high Softwares (like editing Softwares) you need more than that.

                           About HDD we can buy it how much Quantity we need.Now, normally it starts from 500GB and goes on.There is also fewer quantity HDDs are available like 32GB and 64GB if you buy these kinds then you may can’t increase the size anymore you may need to use external ones in these so be careful about your Hard Discs when you buy.


The main thing all user look is the performance of the battery.Batteries performance measures in mAh higher the mAh higher the efficiency.Normally all company show how much their battery last.


Another thing to see is the processor.If you want to work too many Softwares together you need a higher performance processor.Both intel and AMD are good and latest ones you can find on the net and check about it and which generation which one you need you decide.


You can change the OS easily but for those who don’t know about it need to make sure which OS they need and will that Lap support the OS or not.Latest windows os is windows 10 and all latest laptops support win10.
There is also some company provides android OS laptops.These only have the look of the  Laptop inside its just an android tablet.you can find these items too less but don’t be fooled by thinking these are original ones.


Most of the Laptops can’t change their Graphics Card so you need to make sure the Lap you buy has enough graphics in it.For high-end Games and Softwares requires high  Graphics.


Many Laptop provides CD drives for to play and write CDs.And also some latest one doesn’t provide this option. so it’s your wish to choose the one with it or without it.


We all need more USB ports to use many devices now almost all Input and Output devices will work with USB ports because of its plug and play quality.The number of ports is also according to users wish.There is also USB 3.0  and 2.0 ports. 3.0 is latest one and have more speed.


users can check the weights of Laps now.There are lesser weight slimmer ones and the classic bigger ones both are available here also you can select the suiter one.

                        The other thing you can check is NIC that is network interface card for networking and Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity options for communication and the Internet.Most Laptops provides these but still, you need to check these to make sure your device cover all these functions and about the company also you can select as your wish see the user’s review of each one before you choose.

That’s all guys now you know how to purchase a Good Laptop.
I finished with 9 points and the final one I am leaving it to you.please suggest one thing you know about Laptop in the comment field.Good Luck

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